My Important Statue: Thay Chua

Relationship: Im/migrant
Thay Chua
Thay Chua

My object is THAY CHUA, it was made in Asia because many countries like China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand follow Buddhism.  The statue is about two feet tall and is shiny gold.   It sits on a table in my grandmother’s living room.  My family has had this statue since 1985 once my grandmother chose to follow Buddhism as our religion.   Before she come to the U.S. my grandma gave it to my father and he has kept it all these years.  It’s so important to my culture because  I have to visit statue every week at my grandmother’s house.  It is so amazing because I meet  people who are Vietnamese here in Minnesota and that is so cool. My culture is Buddhism, the statue shows people our religious belief and it was made from the Chinese people.  Buddhism actually came to Vietnam many years ago.  After that my father will give it to me because he wants me to keep it and give it to my children. This object means a lot to my family because it brings all of us together after a busy week of working.  We get together and talk and share the statue with each other.  The story behind this object is so important to my family, but after my grandmother died my family gave the statue to my cousin.  We all spend time at my cousin’s talking and sharing the statue. 

Place(s): Minnesota
Year: 2018

– DN

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant