My home

My home, plus our old family car.
My home, plus our old family car.

America is… my home. No matter how much life has gotten hard due to everything happening in America we have stayed here, why? Because it’s My Home. The place I come back to after a long day of school, or even sweating out of every pore of my body while running, I have always come to this place, My home. My family contains 7 people including My dad, mom, My oldest Sister, My oldest brother, My other brother, Me, and my little sister, all in order from oldest to youngest. Now in the photo you may recognize that very old 2005 dodge caravan in the bottom right corner. Well that car for a long time was the only car we had and it drove us 100 and thousands of miles, from anywhere in Gainesville, all the way to central Mexico. Now in my family I was almost the youngest, but 6 years after me my sister came along, but she also isn’t the only one who’s lived here their entire life, that title also goes to my beautiful dog China (Chi-na). For the first 6 years of my life, I was the youngest in this home, but also had someone my age, my dog. From everything I remember (and stories from my family) me and her would always be together. She was everything to me.Now the worst part about having a pet, which I think everyone who owns one can agree with, is knowing one day they’ll be gone. Now I’ve always prayed that day will never come, but on August 27th, 2022 my dog passed away. I love My Home, My beloved dog China, but most importantly I love my Family.

Place(s): Gainesville, GA

– JH

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child