My Hijab

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is when Hijab was banned in India
This is when Hijab was banned in India

My object is called a hijab. Hijab is an essential part of my religion. The head covering was introduced into Arabia long before the advent of Muhammad, mainly through Arab contacts with Syria and Iran, where the veil was a sign of social status. For instance, one can see through various religions like Christianity, Judaism, and even Hinduism the symbolism of hair coverage. Back to my religion women wear hijab as a way to maintain and preserve their modesty and privacy against unrelated males.  I still remember the days when I did not like wearing the Hijab due to the fact that it felt strange wearing it and I was constantly being bullied by individuals who did not understand the meaning of it. When I get asked today, what made me start wearing the hijab and be proud of it, A few things come to mind. Besides my religion, my dead grandmother because before she passed away,  she told me, “H, wear your hijab as it is a way for a woman to preserve her dignity.” I was so touched by her words as it was the last thing she told me before she passed away. Years after her words, I feel proud when I wear my hijab because it's part of my religion as a Muslim girl. I don't care what people say, their words are just an opinion, nothing more. There is a celebration that honors all Muslim girls who are wearing hijab regardless of people’s ridiculous words. People might associate hijab with terrorism; however, for me Hijab it what connects me to my culture and to my religion. My hijab is part of my identity.  

Place(s): Yemen +_+/ New York
Year: 2017

– SwithH

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant