My Hijab

In Attire

A hijab is a scarf or material used to cover the hair for Muslim women. I chose this to be my object because it's very important to my family and I. There isn't a certain hijab that was passed on or certain ones you are supposed to wear. The hijab symbolizes modesty for the muslim community. My family cherishes our beliefs. It's a big part of everyday our lives. The hijab originally comes from Madina, Saudi Arabia and started to be used back in 627 C.E. My female relatives are very confident when wearing the hijab and set a prime example to my younger relatives who are now starting practicing to wear it. 
The hijab in my eyes is more than just a scarf on my head, It is more than just a materialistic thing. It defines who I am as a person. The hijab is not the only thing that defines me, but it's the most important. The hijab has been around for centuries and hopefully centuries to come. I am proud to wear my hijab today and hopefully others are as well.

– Katra Shire

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