My great grandpa and princess

great grandpa and princess chichibu
great grandpa and princess chichibu

I was able to interview my mom, Becky Diel, to learn more about my great grandfather who had many cool experiences in his life. It started with my interest in a photo of my great grandfather with the princess Chichibu of Japan. Before this I did not know much about my great grandfather, My mom told me that,  “My grandfather was in the air force during world war 2.” and, “Because of his amazing social skills he ended up being the general secretary in Japan.” I also found out that part of his diplomatic duties led him to meeting with the princess of Japan. My mom also believes they worked together on some social programs for children. I believe he received a special reward from Japan for his domestic service. 

After learning this my mom told me more about the photo. She said, “There are two people in the photo, your great grandfather Ralph Lee Stevenson Senior and one of the princesses of Japan. I don't know anything about THAT princess but um grandpa Ralph left the NFL to voluntarily sign up for WW2”After discussing the photo, my mom showed me two more objects, one was a medal and the other was a certificate. Before doing this project, I knew my great grandfather was a veteran and that he was in the NFL and had a Wikipedia page. This assignment has given me the opportunity to learn more cool stuff about my family history.

Place(s): Japan
Year: 1695

– Barrett Diel

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more