My Great-grandmother's Rosary

My great grandma from my dad’s side of the family owned a rosary that is still in the family. She held onto the rosary when she immigrated from the Dominican Republic to the United States. It was later on passed down to my grandma and she saved it as a memory of her mother. Living in the United States, my grandma lived her life and started a family. When her oldest son grew up, she passed down the rosary to him when she found out he had cancer. My uncle was never religious, but he held onto that rosary for the remainder of his life. In 2007, my uncle passed away from liver cancer. Before he passed, my uncle gave the rosary to my dad. My dad keeps the rosary on the side of his bed as a memory of his brother. He never mentioned it until I asked him about it because it was simply a connection between him and his older brother. My uncle meant a lot to me and I hope when I get older, my dad would give the rosary to me next. 

– Yunise Ramirez

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