My Great Grandfather's Compass

Great Grandfather's Compass
Great Grandfather's Compass

My family object is a super unique compass from the early 1900s. This compass was used by my great grandfather who was a pioneer and hunter. He was a major outdoorsman, and evidently, his legacy lives on through my passion for the outdoors. This legacy is also demonstrated by my dad who is a huge hunter, and me who loves the outdoors. This compass is absolutely priceless and is super unique to our family’s cultural identity. My entire family loves crazy adventures and new places to explore. A pioneer (my great grandfather) can certainly relate to us. My great grandfather passed on his passion for the outdoors. My dad's side was supposedly German and they landed in New York or New England. I am not positive, but I believe my dad's side of the family originally landed in New York. My mother’s side of the family is Scott-Irish descendants. This entire legacy left behind by my great grandfather is unique because of the joy and wonders we receive from being outside exploring and hiking. Many other American families tend to have antiques similar to the compass that was passed down to us. It may be a pocket watch or even an old piece of jewelry. Similar to us, they may also show love and affection for these things. Ours is a compass that resembles our love for the outdoors and I am truly grateful for it because of the outstanding past it comes from.

– Walker Peterson

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