Teddy Bear


The first thing I can remember my mother giving me is a stuffed bear when I was four. At first I was skeptical about receiving the gift, but over time its soft brown fur provided me with comfort during hard times. To some people it may seem just a bear, but to me it is a precious reminder of my mother. Even though I’ve had the bear for many years, its meaning still holds true. 

One sunny afternoon, I went to my room and noticed that the bear was gone. It was nowhere to be found. I didn’t know what to do because I was in shock. That bear meant everything to me, and not knowing where it was caused me to panic. After long hours of turning my house upside down, I gave up looking for it. I was very depressed because I couldn’t sleep without it. My first night sleeping without the bear was miserable and lonely. The bear reminded me of my mother while she worked long days away from home. It was like a friend to me and without it, my bed looked empty. With the bear by my side, I slept easier. It took a few weeks for me to accept the fact that it was gone. However, throughout the course of the month I was slowly able to move on. Then one day, while looking for something in my mother’s room, I found the bear in her dresser. Finding it was like getting candy on Halloween. Since that day, it still gives me comfort. This taught me that even though the things we love aren’t necessary, it does not necessarily make them less meaningful. 


– Maurice

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