My Great Aunt's Ring

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
My Great Aunt's Ring
My Great Aunt's Ring

 My artifact is a ring and it was from my great aunt. But now it’s my mom’s ring. It is made out of silver and has a rosy pink stone on it and the silver has cool patterns.
It is from England, but me or my mom don’t really use it except on special occasions like a family member’s wedding, a birthday and things like that. I never met my great aunt so this is the only thing that reminds me of her.
   Something that teaches me about my culture is that people in England can be very creative with access to a few materials. My great aunt got this from a store that was very poor but had access to a lot of materials, so they could get more people to buy their jewelry.
My great aunt immigrated to the USA when she was 27 and things were hard for her because she didn’t have any idea of where to live or where to work. One thing I’m wondering about her ring is what is the story behind the ring and why does the ring mean so much to her?
The reason why I picked a ring to do as my artifact again, is because I haven't met my great aunt so this ring is the thing that connects me with her and since she had panic attacks sometimes and it made her nervous to fly but she still did it to see my mom and family.

Place(s): England

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant