My grandpa, Gary

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Me and my grandpa in a cute float
Me and my grandpa in a cute float

This is a picture of me and my grandpa . His name was Gary Dunn, and he was in the US Navy for 24 years. I wasn’t born by the time he retired, but I do know that he retired as some kind of chief. My grandpa was my best friend. I always loved when my mom and I would take trips to Jacksonville, Florida just because I wanted to see him. I vividly remember the day this photo was taken. I know it was some time during summer and on this day, my grandma made me Kraft mac and cheese for lunch because I was extremely picky and didn’t want anything else. Not too long after, my grandpa and I headed outside and I hopped into the pool, which was my favorite place to be. I remember swimming and playing by myself until my grandpa jumped in and started swimming with me. My grandma then brought us the floaty that is in the picture; we both hopped in, and she took a picture. It was so funny seeing my big, kinda buff grandpa in the cute little floaty with me but that's how much he loved me. For hours we paddled around in the floaty together, laughing and enjoying each other's company. This is one of the only memories that I vividly remember of my grandpa. My sweet, loveable, and caring grandfather’s life was taken on November 21, 2012 while he was riding his motorcycle to his job at the post office. A young lady ran a red light and struck him. Although he was wearing all of his protective gear, he died instantly. He was only 49 years old. I miss my grandpa each and every day but I am extremely grateful for the time I got to spend with him as a child.

Place(s): Jacksonville, Florida

– AW

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