My Grandmother's Grits Pot

An object that holds a lot of significance for me would be my Grandmother's grits pot. The grits pot is a worn down pot with wooden handles, that are worn down showing you how much the pot has been used. This is something important in my family because my grandmother loved to cook. Coming from down south, she was always cooking for the family. My grandfather and she moved from North Carolina to New York during the 50s. Having 11 children with different personalities, my grandma was able to make sure they had one thing in common, the love for food. Although she passed away, whenever we cook with it, I feel closer to her, almost like she is in the kitchen helping me make breakfast. Unfortunately after she passed away we were no longer able to keep the family home, so the idea of staying together and celebrating all of the holidays like we did before her and my grandfather passed when she did. Hopefully I will be able to make food for the family that I have in the future, and pass on the message that the foundation of every great family is the food that ties each generation together.

Year: 1950

– Dominique

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