My Grandmother

Relationship: Im/migrant
My Grandmother
My Grandmother

My object is a picture of my grandmother from Liberia, it's made of photo paper.  In this picture it shows her beautiful smile and  gap between her teeth. She has dark skin and long curly hair. I resemble her a little because I have the same beautiful round face just like her but not the skin color although, my grandfather has the same color of skin that I have. This picture makes me remember her because she took care of me when my dad left me with my mother. She makes my mother feel comfortable and she doesn’t worry about what my dad did to her. When my mom decided to come to the USA, my grandmother was the only person that took care of my school and other things that I needed. Whenever I see this picture of my grandmother I miss her so much. She gave me this picture to remember her when she gets older and dies. We gather together during Christmas with our family. We have fun and laugh at the picture on the wall and admire how beautiful she is and she makes everyone happy when we are around her.  This picture connects to my identity because she took care of me when my father left my mother. 

Place(s): Liberia
Year: 2016

– Olive Wuo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant