My Grandfather's Chevrolet

Relationship: Im/migrant
This is a photo of the car in 2022.
This is a photo of the car in 2022.

The picture we’re seeing was the actual car of my grandpa. A Chevrolet Caprice classic of 1986. My grandpa bought the car in the Dominican Republic from selling vegetables and fruits with his 2 sons in a truck in different regions of the country. At this time my grandpa used to live with my uncle, my grandma, my 2 aunts and my father. He was the person in the family who carried the whole family economically. One of my aunts, Camille got married and grandpa’s car was used to get her to the ceremony. I remember me and my cousins when we were little playing with the steering wheel while the car was off and my dad using it to take my sister, my mom and me to my grandma's house on Sundays. This connects to my culture because when my dad was really little he felt really affectionate towards cars. On Christmas his mom used to give him car toys as gifts and he used to play with them and wishing to have one when older. This it’s a really important object to my family because my grandpa died and gave his car to his sons before his death has a real impact by having and preserving a result of his hard work with them. Many people have gone to my grandparents house and have seen the car remaining in the porch and have offered money for my family to sell it but for my family that is a really delicate and sentimental memoir from my grandpa. Even after my family moved to the US after my grandma requested the residency application for us, the car is still intact with new repairs and my mom has taken care of it as she’s living in my grandparents house today.

Place(s): Dominican Republic, NYC
Year: 2017

– N.S

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant