My Grandfather and Background

Grandfather with Hugo
Grandfather with Hugo

Jesús Alberto Rodríguez Benavides. December 24th, 1948 in Mexico City. 

My greatgrandmother got pregnant when she was my age, she was part of a really wealthy family in Avión, Galicia. My great great grandparents kicked her out because she was an 'embarassment for the family'. So she immigrated to Mexico City with her aunt. 

My grandparents went to college, majored on physical education, and got a master degree on "coaching". Then, he became the coach for various soccer amateur teams in Mexico. He was recruted to become the coach of the National Team, and spent a lot of years with them. 

He was teacher of one of Mexico's best soccer players, Hugo Sánchez. They are currently best friends.

Place(s): Spain
Year: 1948

– Katya

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