My Grandads Hat

In Attire

My Grandads Hat represents the want for change and a dream. My Grandma since the age of 12 always wanted to move to California, it was her dream. She thought of how warm it was out here and all the opportunities that would present themselves. My Grandad was a marine and had found a new job out in California, so he offers to take her and she accepted. On the day of January 1976 they had moved to LA and there they grew up and the culture shaped my mom and her family. My mom met my dad and on July 21, 2001 I was born and my Granddad was there to see it. He became a hero to me making me laugh and tellng me stories of his time in the marines. He gave me my first wallet and I always remember watching a music video and telling him that i wanted a grill. My grandad loved his hats so they help represent the type of person he was and the involvement and the amount of change he had on us as a family. 

Place(s): California
Year: 1976

– Taliek Hill

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant