My first smartphone

Relationship: Im/migrant
my first smartphone
my first smartphone

 I remember when l come to this country, l was so excited because I saw a lot of interesting things, like the big screen in Manhattan, a lot of people walking, the train, the organization that this country has, l was very surprised.
When I decided to stay here the first thing that I did was buy a smartphone. l was so excited because it was my first smartphone. I never had one before. The smartphone is amazing, it has a lot of applications that you can use.
You can search a lot of information in GOOGLE, you can use Facebook for connecting all your friends, send messages and receive information for  everywhere.
25 years ago the phones didn’t have intelligent systems, just a little bit application that you can use for calling and keeping in touch with friends, people in my job placement, etc.
Nowadays, the technology has advanced ; with smartphone you can connect all your family, can do video calling, can see the faces who call you and it doesn't matter where you are.
With smartphones, you can search any information everywhere. I am connected with my smartphone, when l want to look for a job, I use my smartphone. When l want to see my family in video calling l use my smartphone. When l want to connect with friends, l use my smartphone. When l want to see any movies, l use my smartphone. When l want to see my favorite cartoon, l use my smartphone. When l want to see my daughter, I use my smartphone .
So what do you think?  It's amazing or not the smartphone!!!!!!!!

Place(s): new york
Year: 2012

– Raymundo

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant