My Family’s Recipe:  Pasta Sauce


For generations, my family has been making pasta sauce and that too, many different types of sauce. My family has been making pasta sauce for at least 4 generations as far as I know.  That’s what I learned from my Mom.  In Italy (where my family is from) everyone makes pasta sauce. Pasta is one of Italy’s original and most common dishes. Pasta is eaten for dinner and could be a normal dish or a celebratory dish. Everyone in my family loves pasta including me. One day my mom will teach me how to make the pasta sauce she learned from her Mom.  When I go to Italy in a year’s time, I too will probably watch others make the sauce and eat a lot of pasta with this special sauce.  Look at the picture that's what my mother's pasta sauce looks like. Pasta sauce can be smooth but my family likes to add meat.  Pasta sauce has been around for thousands of years. Pasta eaten with sauce is so good that it is still a popular dish in Italy. Pasta recipes are passed down through generations in Italy. no matter what gender the children are. When I go to Italy pasta will be a normal dish for me to have. Although, I eat pasta even now in Brooklyn.  Can you tell that I love this dish, especially when my Mom makes it.

Place(s): Italy

– Gwendolyn Niccolls

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more