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Relationship: Im/migrant
A picture of my late family
A picture of my late family

My object is a picture of my late Dad, my Sister, and my Uncle. This picture was taken and edited in Liberia before they all passed away. July 3 the picture will be turning 3 years with me, this picture is important to my family because it was taken by my uncle and it is also important because whenever we are having a program about them we use this picture in remembrance of them. This picture makes my mother cry whenever she sees it, so because of my mother we don’t keep the picture in our living room anymore. This picture makes everybody in my family cry, but somethings we just have to let go, because in our beliefs when someone dies the soul is leaving their body and the empty frame is still on earth.  Now that I live in Minnesota, this object makes me feel bad too but as a child in the house, you can’t keep crying about one thing over and over because your little sister starts to see you crying about the same thing.  That’s the reason I don’t think about my father or my sister that much.  I really miss my father and my sister since they passed away.  It made me feel so bad the year they passed away that I wasn't able to go to church.

Place(s): Liberia, and Minnesota
Year: 2018

– Elijah Fornoh

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant