My Dad's Roller Blades

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My object is Nike roller hockey blades. These roller blades come from the United States. These are the blades my dad used when he played hockey for a small league. I loved watching him play every week! It is very important to my identity because the thing that I love most to do is play hockey. Everytime I step on the ice it is like seeing something you haven't seen in awhile or getting the things that you most wanted in life.
These skates are about 7 years old. These used to be one of the best models, which means they cost a lot of money at some point in time. The skates have 4 wheels and are made of hard rubber, leather and metal with the company logo on it. There very heavy too! The skates now are very lightweight. Today, these skates are worn out and old compared to the new models today. 
These skates represent me so much because this is what made me want to play and this explains how much I loved watching my dad play when I was little. One time when I was 4-5 years old I was in the living room with my mom, dad, and my sister. We were wanting to put on my dad's skates and roll around the house. After all, my dad put the skates on us and that's when I said... “I want to play hockey!” At that moment that's where most of my passion for hockey began. To me my dad means so much to me and every minute I can spend with my dad I will take it. The point is that my dad and my family is why I have so much success in hockey today especially my dad.

– L

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