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breast cancer tournament :)
breast cancer tournament :)

 Hi I'm Grant and this is my the story of my baseball glove. I have been playing baseball for at least 6 years and I have been so lucky to have this opportunity to play this magnificent sport and make so many friends along the way. If my mitt could talk it would be embarrassed of me and proud of me at the same time because it has seen me make some great plays and some pretty bad ones. this baseball mitt has been with me for a pretty long time and it has been essential to my gameplay but time fly's and I end up growing like all do and so my glove well can't grow so I have to cycle through a new one but now my little brother gets to use it and it is being passed down which I really enjoy knowing my pride and joy is now my brothers. This sounds like I'm Quitting baseball forever but no I am going to continue playing as long as possible which I hoping ends in college and who knows maybe I'll go pro ? ?
                                                                                                       __  But lets not jump to the future come back for just a moment and realize that I still need a knew glove soon and I am exited to move on but also scared becuase this one might not mean as much to me and the last.

– GM

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant