My Dad's Old Jacket.

In Attire
A black jacket that my dad gave me.
A black jacket that my dad gave me.

The best thing that comes to mind is this jacket that I wear when it gets really cold. It’s black, and I got it from my dad around November 2022. He saw that even with a hoodie that I had, I was still really cold most of the time. He asked me if I wanted a new jacket, and when I said yes, he brought me this jacket. It was big on me then, it still is, admittedly, but considering that my parents don’t normally give me things unless I ask, it stuck with me. Now that my Dad’s gone, this jacket means everything to me, and I don’t want to lose it. It’s one of the only things that I have left of him. It reminds me of the fact that, even if he had trouble showing it, my dad really cared about us. A lot.


Place(s): Norfolk, VA.

– Rebecca Meeker

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