My Childhood

In Fun
Relationship: Im/migrant
My sister and I
My sister and I

Where I'm From

I am from grass land
from working horse and buggy and cornfield
I am from a row bungalow
and a large yard, many friends
I am from a limpid crystal-clear streamthat connects my home and my grandparents' home 
I am from sunflower and coreopsis
from Hu and Zhang
I am from skillful hands and kind-hearted
and from a hand working figure
from a room full of laughter
I am from the steaming kitchen
I am from Confucius and Laozi
from sticky red bean bun, frozen Doufu and ripe apples
from winter fishing and from grasshoppers in autumn, 
stove in the winter, 
waterlogged playground in summer, 
and wind with sand in the spring
I am from those moments in my happy childhood, 
with friends playing in the field, enjoying from nature

Place(s): Inner Mongolia
Year: 2023

– D

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant