My object is an old music box. This music box has a rounded lid and is kind of a smaller music box compared to most music boxes people think of when they think of the word “music box.” This music box is white with a ring of lavender and green flowers and has a yellow and black bee with white wings on the lid. There also are a couple of lavender and green flowers on the sides of the music box. It is light and made of porcelain. It is a “Songs Of Love” music box, that is a limited edition from 1985. It plays the song “Evergreen” by Kerrie Reynolds. This song by Kerrie Reynolds is a very beautiful piece of music. That’s one of the many reasons why I love this music box. 
I chose this object because it came from my great grandma's house and it used to be hers. My great grandma used to play it until she passed away 7 years ago. She lived in Russell, Kansas and was a nursing assistant at Russell Regional Hospital for 20 years. She was 91 years old when she passed away on April 10, 2010. My great grandma collected music boxes for a long time before she passed away so that’s why I have this music box to this day. 

– A

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