Mura from Bangladesh
Mura from Bangladesh

Many people use mura in south east Asia (see picture) made from bamboo sticks and strips. It is either handmade or made to order.  There is a long tradition in families from this region to give mura as a gift.  It is also a tradition in our country for families to give this item as an heirloom.  It is made of bamboo sticks and bamboo strips. The bottom of the Mura is mostly made with bamboo sticks tied together.   Nowadays they use heavy-duty lanyards instead of bamboo strips. Now let me go into detail and tell you more about what a mura is. Mura is a type of chair that we Bengalis use while doing our daily chores.  It is easily portable so it can be carried from place to place. When my great grandmother and my grandmother were packing to come to America, my great-great-grandmother gave them a mura that was given to her by her mother.  My great-great-grandmother wanted my great-grandmother to take a mura to her new home in America so she can be remembered there. On the plane my great grandma was sad about leaving her mother and family but knowing that she had brought an object that belonged to her great-great grandmother lifted her spirits. Some of my customs have  traveled with me, giving me and  my family the comfort we seek being away from the rest of my family in Bangladesh. This is especially true with my great grandma who notices how different we are, yet we have carried on with certain customs that are easily adaptable in this country. 

Place(s): Bangladesh

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Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more