Love for Cats

Dwight and Woody
Dwight and Woody

When I move away to college, it will be strange to not have a cat in my home.  I have always been a cat person and always had cats in my house. My parents also always had cats when they grew up, so they kept that tradition by having cats in our home. There is a certain unconditional love that cat people have for cats. When they are laying on you, and they start purring, that is one of the best feelings in the world. Or when they have infinite trust for you, and bump their head with yours. Having cats is also very relaxing because they are very sweet, and they are normally very calm and don’t cause a ruckus. Another uniqueness that relationships with cats have is that cats are mostly afraid of people, so when you build a trusting relationship with them it is an amazing feeling. One cat I will always remember was my cat Anderson. One of my fondest memories of him is when he stole my Krispy Kreme donut and ate the whole thing. My two current cats, Dwight and Woody, are still very young and still very crazy (especially Woody). When I move into my own home, a necessity will be having a cat to be a companion of my family. Although I’ve never had dogs, I feel like I can safely say that cats are the superior pet. 

Place(s): Norfolk VA

– D.S.

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