Moon Cake

Moon cake is a Chinese Delicacy
Moon cake is a Chinese Delicacy

 Moon Cake is not an object but a treat to many people of Chinese culture. Moon cake culturally symbolizes the time of harvesting, usually in mid-fall. To me, mooncake means the celebration of something special, such as Chinese New Year, a birthday, or simply something good that has happened. Mooncake was something that was done relatively like a tradition but not done traditionally; it was something that my grandparents, who had immigrated from China, gave to my father for special occasions, which then turned into something that my father traditionally had done for me and my sister. Mooncake connected my dad and his family together and so my dad continued the tradition and connected me and my siblings together with the tradition. Whether that be to connect us with a celebration. The reason for the mooncake being such an important part of my life and my culture is because the mooncake has been something that has been an important aspect of my and my sister's life growing up. After my parents had divorced the time our dad had to spend with me and my sister grew shorter. As time went on, the time we had to spend with our dad became more important to us, so the mooncake we had defined the time we had spent with our father. The mooncake symbolized how our dad sacrificed his time to spend with us and made the time he could spend with us memorable. 

– Jeremy Chang

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