Moomin Trolls book


 The USSR, or Soviet Union, was a communist country located in Asia and it was made up of many smaller nations. When Hitler and Nazi Germany attacked, declaring war on all Jews, both sides of my family had to escape, 2 times until they got to america. With them, they brought some money, some artifacts for their son (me) and a bit of work experience. One artifact they brought with them was a small, somewhat flimsy book called “moomin trolls”. It contained some other weird stories, but moomin trolls was the main one, about the family of moomins on an island with some other people that also inhabit the island. The reason? To teach me Russian, of course. The book was a staple of my… babyhood? As me and my parents read it everyday, slowly and surely learning russian. My mom told me that I had to submit some object about our history to the tenement project and so I chose the moomin trolls, because the story in the book and the addition to MY story is very good. It is a very loved artifact that is very delicate and has a huge impact on me and my family, also coming from the country that doesn't exist anymore. Hey, at least the book wasn't owned by the government so we couldn't bring it here, right? 

Place(s): Soviet Union, Russia

– DS

Relationship:  unknown unknown