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Monopoly Gamer
Monopoly Gamer

Monopoly Gamer is special because its my favorite game to play with my grandparents and other relatives when they come to visit. It’s a multi player board game where you roll two dice, 1 is a moving dice and the other one is a ability dice. You start off with 4 players but you can buy more characters online. My favorite character is boo because he can copy other characters super abilities you unlock super abilities by landing on stars. Every time you go around the game board you face a boss.  You beat the boss by either landing on or landing on a higher spot then on the boss card. The way you win is by beating the final boss and by having more points then any else.The way you get points is by collecting coins.In conclusion Monopoly Gamer is my favorite game because it’s a multiplayer game.

Place(s): My house
Year: 2016

– Roman

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