Mongolian traditional deel

Relationship: Child of im/migrant
mongolian red exotic charming modern
mongolian red exotic charming modern

                                                                                               Mongolian Deel       I have this beautiful clothing called “Mongolian Deel”. This object is made in Mongolia and it’s Mongolian traditional clothing. It’s an important part of Mongolian culture to wear them, moreover Mongolians, including kings and queens, have worn deel for centuries.During ancient times, the style of deel was very rich, furry, delicate, and designed well for four seasons. Additionally, people wear deel for normal days, for festivals and even during the war with armour. Some deels have altered a bit into modern styles, and there are a variety of them for different uses and looks.       Right before the Lunar Year or Tsagaan Sar, my mom and I planned to dress in matching deels and we went to the tailor to have our deels made. My first impressions of the deel was charming and the red color with flower stamps were making it colorful. On the First day of Tsagaan Sar 2017, my family went to my elders and relatives to celebrate and cheer up herders for successfully passing the harsh winter and to welcome spring. We Mongolians perform a special greeting called ’’Zolgolt” during this holiday Tsagaan Sar with everyone. Also I remember those days being very fun, delighted meeting with my families, and eating delicious meals. In total, I believe that all those happy memories and laughter exist in my deel with my culture, and history of Mongolia. Now in the US, when I wear it, I miss my country and make me proud of being Mongolian! 

Place(s): Mongolia
Year: 2017

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant