Mole recipe


My recipe is for Mole sauce. Most people would eat it on a special occasion, such as a holiday. Two holidays that it is used on is the Day of the Dead and New Years. It’s given to a picture of a dead family member in celebration of their life. But it can be eaten on any regular day. 
It’s important to the Mexican culture because it’s a special food. It’s important to my family because it’s used to celebrate our holidays. Every time I taste it, it gives me a taste of home, Mexico. 
It originates in Mexico and it’s dark red color. It’s made of fruit, chili pepper, and nuts. The three states in Mexico the claim origin of Mole sauce is Puebla, Oaxaca, Tlaxcala. Mole Poblano is typically served over meat. 
A common legend is that nuns mixed up chili pepper, old nuts, spices, old bread, and a little bit of chocolate for the archbishop. One of the nuns was asked what they made. The nun said “I made a mole”. It shows why it’s important to my culture and my family back in Mexico.

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 2002

– Alan

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