Molcajete is a Mexican tradition of the African mortar and pestle. My grandma uses it to grind spices and avocados and to make salsas. My mom learned a lot from her mom as well she uses it to cook salsas.this time period came from Aztecs and Mayans times. Africans that came to the Americas also used a similar tool to grind food. While a molcajete is made from stone. the mortar and pestle was made from a much softer material. Molcajete is also the shape of an animal basically its been the same shape for centuries. It's one of the most favorite traditions however its very different because Mexicans used it for jalapenos and avocados and other chiles. On a trip to mexico you would find lots of people from the towns using a molcajete instead of another instrument to grind spices because its already a tradition in mexico. Most of my people have a molcajete in their house specially grandma’s because that’s their style of cooking and its easier and sometimes h salsa doesn’t come out the same way that it will come out if u used a razor or something else to grind the food its also very resistant and doesn’t break like other grinders. One of this molcajetes would cost about 50 US dollars which is pretty expensive in Mexico but in Mexico they are sold cheaper because a lot of people used it in a daily life and mostly because the people come from a towns and farm lands.

Place(s): Africa, Mexico

– gerardo cecilio

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