A molcajete has a cup-shape made of marble and usually has a face shape of a bull. The molcajete comes with a tejolote (pestle) that has the shape of a tiny bat that is used to crush any spices such as chiles, herbs, and vegetables by rubbing these ingredients against the molcajete (mortar) by adding downward pressure with the pestle. The molcajete is very traditional in Mexico. Having a molcajete is like having a cell phone because is an essential object when it comes to cooking. When I was a little girl I would remember my mom saying how she miss having a molcajete to prepare a guacamole. Three years later she had a friend who went to Mexico and brought her a molcajete. I was shocked for her to bring the molcajete in their luggage since the material of the molcajete is hard and heavy. My parents told me since the molcajete is new and is made of marble they need it to crush onions and garlic and wash it constantly in order to get rid off any dirty or any residuals that might be inside the holes of the molcajete and the tejolote.

Year: 1995

– Brenda

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