chicken soup recipe

First part of recipe
First part of recipe

This is my family's chicken soup recipe. My family is from Russia. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather were persecuted in Russia because of the Pogroms which were killing the Jewish population. They brought their chicken soup recipe to America. It is used almost every Jewish holiday. It is always our first course of each meal at the dinner table for the holiday. My mother told me about this recipe. It is passed on to every daughter in the family. My great-grandmother made it and when I was younger my grandmother made it. Now that she is getting older my mother is starting to make it. I have watched her make it and it takes hours to make. The secret in our family is to cook it twice. This recipe says that we are a culture of tradition. It has been in our family for around 150 years. It is very important because my grandparents and their parents and for generations before them, they used this recipe during the holidays the way we do currently.

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