Miracle Mink hair growth

5 types of hair products same brand.
5 types of hair products same brand.

This hair product is important to me, my family, and black people because its a special product that helps our hair specifically since our hair is thick, kinky, & full. There is also other products besides this one. It helps our hair grow, healthy, and strong. We use these 'special' products because our hair is different from other races/cultures. For example, most people that aren't black, they're hair is straight, silky, or wavy. We have a different texture so its a little more difficult to handle because its either too thick or too full. Some challenges I face because of my hair is discrimination. People had told me a few times "go do your hair" when it was in a ponytail and gelled up. I've seen people tell a black person they can't work with "that type of hair" but "that type of hair" is something no one can fix. Culture is important because its what makes you who you are today & learning other cultures is just as important because you might say or do something offensive to that culture & you wont even know it is.

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