Mini U.S. Flag

When I was finishing kindergarten, my uncle who just came back from America, brought me a bunch of gifts along with a mini flag of the United States. At first, I didn't know what America was, where it was, and what the flag was for. While I wasn't informed about it, my uncle told me this, he said "you will find education, growth, and success here. Seek this symbol" and handed me the flag (the symbol) as he told me that. Now, as anyone can imagine what a 6-year old will do a foreign item, I did exactly that. I threw it in the pile of toys I had. However, 6 months later it came to my knowledge that we were immigrating. My mother told me that the family would be going somewhere really far from home and that my brother and I would continue our education in that new place. Foolish of me, I thought it was a vacation in the middle of my first school year, but the education and immigration part reminded me of that flag. Not so long after, I figured out that the family was moving to America. Hence, after a long 10 years, I still to this day, possess that same miniature flag of the United States. God Bless America.

Year: 2007

– Khabib Musashaykhov

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