Military Cap

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Example of what the cap looked like
Example of what the cap looked like

This all started in 1942 Mexico my great grandpa was just 24 in the air force during world war two it was a difficult time for some people during that time specially in Japan the japanese were falling behind in the war.My great grandpa was a commander and so it was already a lot of stress i remember him telling my mom the stories on how they helped japan during the invasion.The object that i had was his hat that he wore during those times it was like a green top with around 4 stars .The reason why it's important for me is because now all my family members went to the Militry.My uncles on my moms side were in the military all of them were in the marines and have been really strict on what people's opinions are when it comes to the military and serving the country.

  Everything changed once my uncle Alejando came to the United states; he first lived in modesto California and from there to Stockton. He had my cousin Junior. He also served on the military for 8 years. He took part in afghanistan and he's told me how there were hard moment where he had to take someone's life for our count but im just glad.The experience of having a military family because they expect alot from you and its kinda annoying not really but this object just shows that it takes courage to deal with all those things im glad that i have relatives that served the military.

Place(s): Mexico And United States of America

– Martin Calderon

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more