Mickey Mouse Doll

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Before, when my family was getting ready to move to the US one of my young family members passed away and I was given her Mickey Mouse Doll. I don't know where or who she got it from originally, but I was still around a year old so I just took it and said “gracias.” (Thank you) I used to play with that doll a lot and my little sister has it today. This object, even though it was a T.V show (I didn't know at the time), it helped me get through tough time. Like when I heard yelling from my parents or when a family member passes away. It always got me through some boring times too. Like when I took the plane to get to the United States, I played with that doll a lot. It was also the only memory of my young family member left, and it reminds my family how we've survived through tough times. Even though I was young and had almost no memory of my home or my young family member, this doll will always give me some memory of my home and my young family member. It’s more than a doll, it’s memories.

Year: 2005

– Cruz

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child