Mi traditional background

The one thing that holds my family traditions, is our picture album. For every special event that happens for any member of the family, a photo is taken and pasted into the picture album. This tradition started before I was born. I was able to learn about my some individual members of my family. There are times that we gather as a family and talk about the different pictures and what had happen in the picture.  Also to add on to this my Grandma is the woman who really keeps the family together. She is a great caretaker for all her children and, grandchildren. One is able to learn a lot from her. From how to cook our cultural dishes to how to protect and fix yourself in life. My Grandma may not be an object, but she is a very important person in my family, that holds a lot family story and culture. Living with her I learned about some history during her time. Example she still has the iron that they used during her time. My grandma would sometimes straighten my hair with the actual comb that is made of iron (iron comb). My grandma is a great motivator and always encourage her children. During Christmas time my Grandma makes the best Rice and Gungo peas, Sorrel Drink, Rum pudding and baked ham. During Easter we always eat Bun and Cheese. Coming to America I brought my grandma’s advice and ways of doing things. Most Importantly, she ensured I brought my Bible with me. 

Year: 2000

– Tiniqua

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child