MFC Birth Certificate

Marjorie Fry was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, on 10-20-1922. Glace Bay is on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, a small mining town where her father Richard Fry, or Welsh descent, settled in 1921. When she was two years old, her mother and sisters emigrated with Marjorie to western Pennsylvania, where her father had begun work in another mining town. This ordinary immigration story depicts a common narrative from the early 20th Century -- many blue collar white Americans arrived through Canada, and came to the United States seeking economic opportunity. Marjorie came from a family with a military history. Her father served in the Canadian Army, in both England and France, during WWI. Marjorie went on to serve in the Marines, and married a fellow Marine. This made Marjorie more singular, as immigrants make up a very small portion of our nation's military.

Year: 1922

– Shannon Constantine

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