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I get it. I wear a cap a lot. Of course, I'm talking about my blue and orange New York Mets baseball cap that I wear backwards on my head everyday, while I play baseball, while I'm at school, while I sit on my bus, everywhere. This cap is important to me, because I wear it at literally all times, and I like the Mets a whole lot. I literally wear nothing but Mets jerseys, it's kind of insane. This isn't actually my first Mets cap in fact, I got my old one a long time ago. My mom bought it for me when I was around 5, and I wore it so much that my mom spent 50 dollars at to get me a new one because it was so dirty. It was insane the difference in the colors when I got the new one. Either way, I'm talking about both Mets caps, because they're practically identical, except for the color difference from the amount of dirt on it. I've been through a lot with my Mets caps. I bring it to school every day, I've brought it to at least 30 baseball practices, I've probably watched every single Mets game in my life with it. I could keep going, but there is a word limit.

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