Metal Basketball Player


I named my item Metal Basketball Player because it is a basketball player dunking a ball and it is made out of wires and other metallic pieces. I put it under the miscellaneous section because it isn't religion, fun, foodways etc. but it still means a lot to our family. Last year, when my family was in Charleston, South Carolina, my grandmother and I went out shopping for gifts for people. We saw a stand that sold little characters made out of wire and other metal pieces. We thought that at least one person in our family would like something like that so we started looking. We saw a basketball one and said that my grandfather, who very recently passed away, would like it so we got it for him. The reason that this item means so much to me is that my grandpa meant so much to me and he said it was something to remember me by so now I keep it in my room to remember him by.

Place(s): Cincinnati, Ohio
Year: 1905

– Tyler Shilt

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant