Relationship: Child of im/migrant

The Chanukah Menorah is important to my family because it represents the family getting together to celebrate a holiday.  When we sit around the menorah we say the prayers and then we exchange gifts.  It represents our Jewish history and culture and reminds us of the past.  When the Jews were being pushed out of the Holy Temple and they needed light, they only had enough oil to last one day, but for some reason the oil lasted 8 days, which is why there are 8 days of Chanukah.  Each candle represents each day the oil lasted.  You can not light the candles directly you have to light the middle one (called the shamash)  to light the other candles.  The menorah I have is important to me, because my grandparent gave it to us and they’re always around when we use it. Its made out of metal.One thing I love is when I get to light the candles. Lighting candles are always fun because, when I was little my dad would always light them but now I do and I feel more included in the holiday. One of my favorite parts about this holiday is that all my family comes over and after we light the candles, we play dreidel and get gelt (chocolate coins).    Another thing I like is when we around the menorah, and my family members tell me about when they were a kid and what there chanukah was like. One that my grandpa remembered was, he got this little toy train ( windup not electric) and he remembers he was near the menorah, and  he remembers the bright lights. 

Place(s): Israel

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant