The menorah is the object I have chosen that really connects me to my roots and religion. In general the menorah is used by Jews all around the world during the holiday of Hanukkah to remember the miracle of lights and the oil lasting for eight days when there was such a small amount. Not only is it used to remember the miracle amongst Jews but it is also customary to place the menorah in the window of home where it can be most easily viewed by people passing by. My menorah in particular was passed down to me by my grandmother, she was born in the Carpathian Mountains and that is where my menorah comes from as well. There is not a specific material necessary to use in creating a menorah besides for that all of them need to have eight branches and one long branch going down the middle. My menorah is crafted out of silver. This object is important to me because it is an item that connects me to my Jewish religion and helps me stay proud of it by performing a religious act in such a public way. I connect to this menorah in particular is because of its history, it belongs to someone so important to me and demonstrates that since my grandmother performed this public religious act after being born to Holocaust survivors then so should I.

Year: 1976

– Ashley

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