My Grandpa's medals
My Grandpa's medals

 Would you ever think you would learn to drive an army tank before you drove a car? My grandpa did this during the Korean War. He was drafted to the war in 1951 and after 16 weeks of basic training was sent to battle in Korea. He never spoke much about this, but after he died, we found a journal that he wrote as an older man. He was a patriotic man that would give up his life for the country he loved. Furthermore, he showed us the importance of this great country, and if he had one wish, it would be to have his family appreciate all the right things our country had to offer. Also, after his death, we discovered a story that he never told anyone, we received a letter from his best friend he had in the army. He wrote about what a great man my grandpa was and that he saved him and his tank crew from being killed on September 23, 1952. For this reason, it makes him an unsung hero, to be brave and selfless. When I would look above his desk, I would admire his medals displayed so proudly and filled with memories. It made me proud to be his grandson and wished I could be as brave as him. Lastly at my grandpa’s burial, the soldiers arrived, played taps, folded the American flag and handed it to by grandma. To this end, my grandpa was smiling down from heaven to receive a final tribute from the U.S. Army.

Place(s): New York, United States, Korea
Year: 1951

– Matthew Pastier

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