Matzo Ball Soup

What’s your special food at family holidays? Matzo ball soup is my special food at family holidays with a tradition behind it. Matzo ball soup is a Jewish type soup and is made usually for certain Jewish holidays. Matzo Ball soup is a recipe from Eastern Europe. In fact the way matzah came to be is when Moses led the Jews from the persecution of Egypt, the Jewish people had no time to pack food. Instead of the bread they were used to, all the Jewish people had to eat was an unleavened mixture of flour and water that turned flat when left out in the sun to bake and created matzah. Also, the soup is usually only eaten during Passover but I connect it with Passover, Chanukah, and Rosh Hashanah as well. Additionally, this soup is important to me because the soup recipe was passed down from my great Grandma, to my Grandma, then to my mom and will soon be mine. However, the matzo ball soup connects me to my identity because I’m Jewish and this is how I celebrate my culture’s holidays. Whenever I have matzo ball it makes me feel connected to my family because we have it at family holidays. Since we have the soup on holidays it is always special to my family and I to eat it and thank for Grandma for making the amazing soup. Considering how special the soup is now, it will feel extra special when I’m the one who gets to make it one day for my family’s Jewish holiday celebrations.

Year: 1654

– Victoria M

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