Matzo Ball Soup

In my opinion, the best way to bring different people together is through the sharing of food. One amazing thing about New York, is that everywhere you look, you can go into a restaurant and be in a whole new environment, eating food among people of all ethnicities and ages. One particular restaurant is a kosher deli called Ben’s Best in Rego Park, Queens. One popular dish in their restaurant is their matzo ball soup. Matzo ball soup is composed of a chicken soup with various vegetables, with a light fluffy matzo ball typically made of matzo meal, eggs, and water. Traditionally, matzo ball soup is served on the Jewish holiday, Passover, but now this delicious dish is served all year long in non-Jewish and Jewish restaurants and grocery stores alike. Like many immigrant dishes, it has assimilated into American culture. For the owner of Ben’s Best, the matzo ball soup he serves links him to his ancestors, for the same recipe they used 100+ years ago is the same he serves to his customers. The owner, Jay Parker, changes nothing about these recipes, allowing his customers to experience a bite of his European Jewish roots. For me, this soup has much of the same importance as it does to Ben’s Best. It reminds me of my family and sitting together at the dinner table enjoying our food and our traditions.

Year: 1840

– Hila Benhaim

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