this is a matzah
this is a matzah

during passover it is a tradition for jewish children to race each-other to find a hidden piece of the matzah. matzah is  flat bread that jewish people eat during passover. it is eaten because when the Israelites where enslaved they did not have enough time to let flatbread rise. it is my favorite part of passover. during passover in 2019 i was excitedly waiting for the time to find the part of the matzah. when it was time we ran around trying to find the matzah. we looked everywhere but nobody could find it. i was starting to think it was impossible but the i saw a pile of blankets. i looked in-between 2 blankets and i found the matzah! it made me really happy. finding the matzah is an important tradition that we do every passover in my family. 

Place(s): new york

– eloiseschachterle

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