My family have been eating matzah for many decades. They usually eat it on Passover, a Jewish Holiday. I suppose my family is happy eating matzah. I’ve been eating matzah since age 2 and have been eating it each year since. Matzah is the food in the picture. Matzah is a type of bread that is flat and hard. The matzah eaten on normal days is different from the matzah eaten on Passover. For example, during Passover, to make the matzah you let the dough sit for at most 18 minutes before you start baking it while an official rabbi blesses it, but on other nights you don’t have an official rabbi blessing it and the dough can sit for more than 18 minutes. The difference between matzah and other bread is that in matzah there isn’t any yeast so the dough doesn't rise. There are also different ways to use matzah, like “matzah ball soup”. My family makes it with aziv matzah. 

According to the Torah, the reason why Jews eat matzah on passover is because when the jews escaped Egypt they were in such haste they couldn’t let their bread rise so they took it before it could rise. The matzah kept the Jews alive the whole time. The bread became matzo, matza, or matzah. So to remember this story, Jews not only tell the story, they eat matzah once a year. 

– Ronan Coffey

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