Map of the Rhineland

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Anthony Reiff's map of the Rhineland
Anthony Reiff's map of the Rhineland

 Philharmonic bassoonist Anthony Reiff was a native of Mainz, Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1825. He was a founding member of the New York Philharmonic and in addition to playing first bassoon from 1842-1864 was also the first elected Vice President of the Society in 1861. His first son, Anthony Reiff, Jr., was also a member of the Philharmonic from 1847-1884, playing both violin and viola, and later serving as a trustee and as Vice President.

Reiff saved various mementos from his native Germany, including this scroll map of the Rhine River. The map, along with photos, letters, music, clarinet reeds, and daguerreotypes, passed through the Reiff family for generations in a metal strong box, a time capsule of their Rhineland heritage. The box is now a treasured collection in the New York Philharmonic Archives.

Place(s): Mainz, Germany; New York
Year: 1825

– New York Philharmonic Archives

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