An image of Mangu
An image of Mangu

Mangu is made from mashed plantains. It comes from Dominican Republic and is a very traditional food. When I was little I remember that my mom used to cook it a lot for me even now she still cooks Mangu. This food reminds me of my childhood because I remember that everywhere that I went that was the only thing that I wanted to eat. Also, when I came to the United States I missed Mangu that my aunt used to make for me. She was the one who showed me to like Mangu a lot. Even when I go to Dominican Republic she still makes Mangu for me.  Mangu connects to my tradition because that is one of the main plates that people eat in Dominican Republic. Is important to me because it is one of my favorite foods and also because it shows where I came from. The main things that we eat Mangu is with fried cheese, fried eggs, fried salami and if you want you can add on top fried onions. In the future I want to learn how to make the Mangu like my aunt does because I know how to make but her’s tastes extra special. Hopefully I learn and when I have my own children I can show them how to make it that good. 

Place(s): brooklyn, Dominican Republic
Year: 2021

– B.M.

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child